Women are unpredictable

Sabitri could be in Canada now having a dream-day with Manitoba-Moose

Sabitri is on virtual date


You are assigned to be on the clock You are assigned to cook a full duck You are assigned x mark the spot You are assigned to stay off the pot. Footnote I always wanted to put this riddle together, suppose to be funny notes on blog anniversary.

Baltimore Hallo

Rat pack is full, find other unit rat face Still wash cars sell ciggars, and ask niggars. . __________________for cents, Honor some bandit oath, call Loida and Tom Tell your niggas you’re skipping the town with a synical stare, Tommy fought in Veatnam, new niggas don’t care. Hallow from the Baltimore, pichin’ high you can’tContinue reading “Baltimore Hallo”

Cookies from our jar

Every day is a sweetsual thing there’s funny place to start Rollercoaster to planet instruction and pins your sensual trip to Nutritions abundance Justice take a cookies from our jar Nutrition abundance Judy Justice take a cookies from our jar I never thought I cook for you but there sensual place to start I neverContinue reading “Cookies from our jar”


Subtitles never be free You sit around and see the tortured and the rooms. I see you face is out of place I wonder how you doing you can stay here with me like a view but you never catch me no you never get me With fabrication that you put aside surrender to overjoyContinue reading “Buddy”

Sin city

Sirens, and bloom of Tulalip theft, living in sin there’s always a theft. Live for you, in Mapple land Die for you, but we always live in the end Dedicated to Elizabeth Genia


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Some people post on the web ultimate details about their private life, no matter if they squashed the bug or breed with the dinosaur, once you posted in this blog, it goes viral , is like a disease, it affect people, but nobody dies, I mean nobody anybody would give a chit about, Darryl does not count, show me one person who gave flying fack about that loser!

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