The whole world turned to quiet Sheppard Pratt

Another song recorded Today I play dynamite with Danielle Turner it was louder then with Henrina I wish I had better knowledge of camera, but sound was good I was always jealous of Donald Trump that he said on his how you’re fired , but now it was on my show it was wonderful, I didn’t know how to transfer it I know I got to buy computer, something Sabitri probably have to build her wix , she is good webdesigner, I always wanted people to build websites with Gene Boi design I built them that I feel like palentrophist doing something beautiful, always playing with them simulation, participating in all participation, violating all violations, but it wasn’t like this Sabitri wrote a book and something happen it blanked out, I always felt, like she’s this unwritten book inside of me, I really wanted to publish that book, she told me to leave her alone, her, but not the book, I still feel like this post should be read.

Published by Gene Boion

Gene Boi was born in suburbia of Brooklyn NYC. His grand grand father was a stone builder he help with numerous construction projects, like Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square and small customs jobs as well. Gene Boi parents haven't found successful employment until Gene Boi grew to be 13. His Dad's Cousin Alex was brilliant nuclear physicist and he look down at nephew's father, and took liberty of doing him a favor and pulling strings to get him state job. The favor Gene Boi's father have never returned. Working his chain Gene Boi's dad became The Comptroller of Nuclear energy in State of Maryland. Gene Boi made great advancement in college and with help of his relatives moved to Sheffield House in more prestigious district of Maryland. Gene Boi invested a great deal in human relations and promotion, his achievements in advertising is well known till this day. Gene Boi published a book called the Damzel and Her Dog. He also help urban youth to stay off the streets. There's songs and literature written by Gene Boi and about him as well. As a momentum of his achievements there's a street named after one of Gene Boi's immortal Projects . Project Adrinolink You can find it on the map as well as on the web visit adrino-lane dot com

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